If you love Tuscan cuisine: Food from the heart of Italy

Each year thousands of people visit Tuscany to sample the very best in the region’s local cuisine – which is famous for its simple dishes, with few ingredients, and intense flavours.

Handmade pasta and pizza are often first-time menu favourites but experienced travellers will know that this part of Italy offers the very best in Mediterranean cooking.

Freshly pressed olive oil drizzled over fresh oven-baked bread or with a plate of fresh cheeses, mushrooms pulled straight from the ground and cold meats served alongside world-celebrated wines are just some of the starters that make eating in Italy such a life-changing experience.

The only downside to having so much variety is that getting to taste and see everything in Tuscany can take a time – and a lot of planning!

But rather than waste value holiday time on the internet booking restaurant tables, you can always go on a cooking tour with Tasting Italy. We have also come up with our own list of places/regions to visit when you are eating in Tuscany.


We organise hands-on cooking classes with local chefs so that you can taste and feel the true flavours of this exciting food city. Learn how to make your very own pizza and gelato before trying your hand at traditional chocolate making, all between visits to local markets and tasty restaurants.

The villages in the Chianti are almost as famous for their wines as the history of the people who call them home – and it is not uncommon for people to refer to the town by the name of its famous drop. The Vernaccia (San Gimignano), Brunello (Montalcino) and Noble (Montepulciano) are just some of the better-known wines you can try.

Rounding out our cooking tour are stops at Siena, San Gimignano and Monteriggioni.